May 27, 2015

If you’re looking for CDs from tonight’s program, here is a list:

Emerson & Waldron – The Best of Emerson & Waldron
Josh Williams – Lonesome Highway
The Churchmen – I’ll Be Long Gone
The Gillis Brothers – Heart & Soul
Loraine Jordan & Carolina Road – Why Don’t You Give Jesus A Try
Hometown Bluegrass – Live on WNOI Radio
Jimmy Martin – The King of Bluegrass
George Thomas and Friends – I’m Thankful
Bluegrass 101 – Nobody Lives Here Anymore
Vern Young – The Best of Vern Young
The Village Singers – A Tribute to Governor Jimmie Davis

May 20, 2015

We DO have a list of the albums from tonight’s program!

Emmerson & Waldron – The Best of Emmerson & Waldron
Arlington – Bluegrass Prayer
Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemen – New Horizon
Arlington – This Little Light of Mine
George Thomas and Friends – I’m Thankful
Various – Classic Bluegrass
Jay Hurd – Don’t Neglect The Rose
Nothin’ Fancy – Lord Bless This House
Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road – A Stop In South Port Towne
Rickey Wasson – Songs From The Old Country Church
The Downstate Ramblers – 10th Anniversary LP
Jerry Sartain – Sing Me Back Home

May 6, 2015

If you’re looking for any of the CDs we played tonight, here are the titles:

Emmerson & Waldron – The Best of Emmerson & Waldron
Kentucky Blue – Working For The Weekend
Various – Roots Of Bluegrass
Ole Friends Band – Ole Friends Band
The Hometown Bluegrass – The Hometown Bluegrass
Blu-Grace – Coming Together
Dean Watson & High Lonesome – Wisdom of Legends
Various – Best Of The Best Of Bluegrass
The Cumberland Highlanders – Comberland Mountain Home
Arlington – This Little Light Of Mine
Marty Hayes – Wish We Had Our Time Again